Maximizing Pharmacy Pull Through

Unifying payer and channel analytics to maximize pharmacy Rx pull through

Industry Challenges

Managed Classes and Growing Out-of-Pocket Costs
Almost all innovative brands in the retail channel are now in highly managed classes with extensive policy restrictions, frequent formulary status changes, and growing patient out-of-pocket costs. This trend towards tightly managed prescription drug plans is negatively impacting fill rates and adherence to innovative brands in the retail pharmacy channel. Studies have confirmed that prescription abandonment is directly related to increases in patient out-of-pocket costs.

Abandonment Rates Remain Flat
Improving NRx fill rates and reducing overall abandonment is one of the industry’s largest opportunities, but most programs have focused on pull-through engagement with prescribers such as prescriber coupons and co-pay cards. Despite the increasing investment of a brand’s marketing budget, abandonment rates have not improved.

Sparse Pharmacy Data to Drive Campaigns
Forward-looking innovative brand teams are focusing on a new influencer in the patient journey: the community pharmacist. To date, however, there is little or no data about the pharmacist. Managed-care data assets such as syndicated claims and formulary data do not reach the pharmacy level. Co-pay card data only exists for patients who use the cards. These datasets can identify regional opportunities but are not actionable for regions with thousands of pharmacies and only some with the relevant.

IntegriChain Delivers

IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics is an essential information asset for targeting retail pull-through activities and measuring effectiveness, filling the retail pharmacy data gaps. For the first time, manufacturers can see specific pharmacies where product is over- and under-performing alongside critical market share, payer, co-pay, and policy restriction insights.


With IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics, you can improve the ROI on pharmacy campaigns designed to:

Maximize pull-through formulary wins with critical pharmacists who currently fill scripts for patients on the competitor brand and payer where you have gained advantage.

Mitigate formulary losses by targeting co-pay card program education to the pharmacists who currently fill the most Rxs for your brand and the payer where you now have disadvantage.

Deliver prior authorization education and brand program awareness–such as CoverMyMeds and patient adherence programs–to next-generation community pharmacies that have specialized their business models, either by partnering with local specialists or by building out medication therapy management programs.

Optimize co-pay card distribution programs to retail pharmacies with the largest number of high out-of-pocket patients to optimize your program spending and reduce the risk of program cost overruns.

Triage misuse of co-pay reduction programs and help pharmacists solve conflicts between the brand’s co-pay card, Relay, and chain cash cards.

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