Managing Next-GenerationDistributor Agreements Requires Automation

Are you able to meet your customer’s requests for proactive performance reporting? Is your current system and process able to keep pace with changes in your distribution agreements and channel strategy? Do you have product launches or other situations where the organization is challenging Trade to deliver a near-perfect service level?

Industry Challenges for Maximizing Pay-for-Performance Agreements

While many manufacturers wish to implement pay-for-performance trade agreements, far too often they are utilizing older channel management systems that aren’t able to automatically manage these next-generation agreements. Without automation, Trade Operations teams spend too much time managing and sifting through trade data instead of delivering insights and driving channel management actions. Nor can they meet the request of trade customers for the manufacturer trade teams to take a more proactive approach to identifying performance issues.

Due to the complexity of metrics, automation and analytics are key to controlling the risk in pay-for-performance contracts and in communicating with trade partners to resolve issues and improve performance.

IntegriChain Delivers

With IntegriChain, you can implement pay-for-performance agreements with your trade partners, keeping pace with changes in distribution agreements and channel strategy and achieving near perfect service levels.

IntegriChain offers a single trade agreement management suite that delivers regular progress reporting to customers in both wholesales and specialty channels and matches current and evolving key performance indicators (KPIs). IntegriChain’s analytics solution proactively identifies and escalates inventory risks to field personnel, and monthly or quarterly reporting allows you to share with trade partners to improve channel collaboration.

Whether you are a large or small manufacturer, with IntegriChain, you can:

  • Maximize the value of pay-for-performance agreements across full-line wholesale, specialty distribution, and specialty pharmacy channels
  • Automatically calculate each of your exact contract metrics as well as the final payment
  • Automate the process of dealing with exceptions like adjustments and overrides
  • Implement controls, approval processes, and change logs to support audit and GP questions
  • Easily change your contract reporting system to deal with new metrics in weeks
  • Implement a system that already supports next-generation metric structures in use at other pharma
  • Run a weekly report that shows how a customer is performing in its agreement “quarter to date”
  • Receive alerts any time an individual DC is running low on inventory for a particular NDC
  • Provide sufficiently granular payment data for government pricing process
  • Meet the audit requirements of Finance and Legal

Results to Bank on

One manufacturer eliminated more than 50% of stockout-related lost sales for promoted brands.

Another manufacturer now implements new trade agreement KPIs in 20% of the time and with 60% of the headcount required for the legacy system.

One small manufacturer has made trade a competitive advantage and distinctive competency, outperforming its peer group.

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