Building Data-Driven Value

IntegriChain allow life sciences manufacturers to create more efficient and service-oriented channel models.

Our powerful channel data aggregation, analytics, and applications deliver unmatched visibility to life sciences product distribution and demand to optimize product commercialization. Leading innovators in pharmaceuticals, biopharma &specialty pharmaceuticals, generics, and medtech rely on IntegriChain to proactively address critical risks throughout the patient journey and product life cycle.

Drive Significant Business Value from Effective Channel Management

diagram of channel speed and agility

Channel Management Value
for the Entire Enterprise

Teams throughout the life sciences manufacturer enterprise require accurate, real-time data and analytics to support key strategic decisions and control the high cost of distribution. IntegriChain understands the issues and challenges that life sciences manufacturers face.
We’ve identified a few key pain points that manufacturers face and how these can be addressed with IntegriChain.


Optimizing Specialty Channel Design


Developing a winning specialty channel design can be quite challenging to maximize outcomes for the brand and to maintain a positive patient journey. 

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340B Abuse Monitoring

sales forecasting

340B sales growth has rapidly increased, requiring manufacturers to closely monitor program abuse to maximize gross margins.

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Maximizing Pay-for-Performance


Payments of channel service fees and incentives are becoming more commonly contracted, strategically complex, and intricate from a data and execution perspective.

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De-Risking Gross-to-Net Reserves

gross to net

Depending on a product’s lifecycle, gross-to-net components such as returns reserves can be difficult to predict accurately.

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Product Launch Execution

product launch

Brand teams and their colleagues throughout the enterprise seek new and innovative product launch techniques that balance product availability with cost efficiency, but stocking the channel at launch is a growing challenge.

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Order Monitoring and Allocations

order management

Increasingly Trade Operations and Customer Services organizations are seeking to leverage channel sales and demand data within the order management process to reduce costs, inefficiencies, and supply chain variability.

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Proactive Account Management

national account management

Innovative national accounts teams are embracing the inventory and distribution data provided by trade partners and becoming proactive, information-leveraged stewards of product access and distribution profitability.

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