Specialty Pharmacy Index

Optimize Specialty Channel Design to Improve Patient Access

Effective specialty channel design has become increasingly critical as biopharmaceutical portfolios expand or shift to specialty drugs and as traditional retail pharmacy channels play a less prominent role in patient access. Life sciences manufacturers must now rely on new data sources for business intelligence generated through the specialty distribution and specialty pharmacy channel to maximize outcomes and commercial goals for the brand and to maintain a positive patient journey.

The specialty channel is complex, and supply distribution footprints vary greatly by therapeutic class, patient administration, managed care preferences, and other factors. This requires that each specialty brand have its own unique channel strategy. Whether launching into the specialty pharmacy network, expanding a specialty pharmacy network, or converting a product from retail to specialty, important considerations when designing a specialty channel strategy include:

  • What type of network do I need (i.e., open, closed or preferred/limited)?
  • How many pharmacies do I need?
  • How do I know I have adequate coverage for all types and locations of patients?
  • Which distributors are driving the greatest volumes to specialty pharmacies?
specialty pharmacy index

Market Insights and Benchmarks to Shape Specialty Channel Strategies

The IntegriChain Specialty Pharmacy Index is a new data service that offers market insights and benchmarks to help life sciences manufacturers shape their channel strategies and network designs. The Index provides cross-industry real-world data to identify gaps in the patient journey and to target the best to way to address them. It can also shape product- and class-specific specialty distribution strategies as well as select the most qualified pharmacies to enhance provider experience, patient adherence, and therapeutic outcomes.

Enhance your Visbility into Your Specialty Therapeutic Category

  • 100% visibility to the downstream specialty providers, enriching datasets with competitive market basket performance data
  • Clear line of sight to the trends and performance of the network over time combined with empirical diagnostic tools to pinpoint underlying issues
  • An accurate view of pharmacy utilization at multiple levels of the account hierarchy (parent, junior parent, and outlet location)

Specialty Pharmacy Index Benefits

identify key pharmacies

Identify Key Specific Pharmacies

Learn which pharmacies fill the most scripts for your brand, its competitors, and other similar products.

prioritize specialty pharmacies

Prioritize Specialty Pharmacies

Build custom market baskets to tailor analysis of demand by pharmacy to give the most insight on which pharmacies will make the right partners for your network.

select key distributors

Select Key Distributors

Determine which wholesalers and distributors are purchasing the most volume of a particular therapeutic class or market basket.

discover trends

Discover Trends

Understand how channel mix is changing over time and identify pharmacies that are becoming more critical to your patient access.

target key pharmacies at launch

Target Key Pharmacies to Stock at Launch

Before launch, develop lists of high-decile specialty pharmacies that must be stocked to ensure product availability in geographies where the sales force will generate demand.

ensure data accuracy

Ensure Data Accuracy

Fill in missing gaps in syndicated data for specialty pharmacies not included in 867 data.

improve patient adherence

Improve Patient Adherence

Identify the most promising specialty pharmacies for co-pay offset and adherence programs.