Revenue Analytics

Unparalleled Protection of Revenue Streams

Identifying and unifying sources of margin erosion – including Commercial, 340B program, and reversals – in today’s complex healthcare ecosystem can be challenging. Current data resources do not provide a unified view of revenue streams.

Expanded Use of 340B Purchasing Increases Abuse Risk
The rapid growth in the 340B purchasing program can lead to losses from program abuse practices including diversion, misclassified patients, orphan drug violations, duplicate discounts, or returns arbitrage.

Gaps in Traditional Datasets Limit Visibility
Traditional syndicated datasets contain gaps and can be difficult to align with chargeback data to identify revenue loss.

Missing Chargebacks Create Risk
Most manufacturers struggle to integrate contracted business (chargebacks) with commercial business and many lack a method to identify when wholesalers fail to submit reverse chargebacks for product returns, risking revenue loss.

revenue analytics

Delivering a Unified View of Commercial and 340B Transactions across all Covered Entities, Sites of Care, Owned Pharmacy, and Contract Pharmacies to Analyze 340B Program Abuseand Trends Affecting the Patient Journey

Revenue Analytics: Unified View & Analysis of Revenue 

Revenue Analytics delivers enriched datasets that leverage IntegriChain’s best-in-class channel master data and analytics to deliver an unparalleled unified view of how patients access products. These datasets offer an unparalleled, unified view of commercial and 340B transactions across all covered entities, sites of care, owned pharmacies, and contract pharmacies to address today’s revenue analysis data challenges.

Enhance your Visibility into Your Revenue Streams

  • Complete and accurate data
  • Guided analytics to surface insights
  • Interactive dashboards & visualizations
  • Collects authoritative, granular evidence for external review

Revenue Analytics Benefits

visualize rends

Visualize 340B Trends & Forecasts

Sales & Marketing teams can analyze 340B sales growth and channel mix changes and track movements of products to lower-cost sites of care.

detect abuse

Detect Abuse & Audit Targets

Finance & Compliance teams can build reports to identify 340B and commercial units by sites of care and pharmacies & highlight suspicious activity by account and compare against baseline for key products.

gain leverage

Gain Leverage with IDNs & Health Systems

Sales & Marketing teams can establish a dashboard of key accounts to track trends in units sold, sales mix, and returns by site or pharmacy and orphan drug usage at ACA expansion sites.

support audit

Support Audit & Settlement Process

Finance & Compliance Teams can understand the breadth and history of possible 340B program abuse, and use this knowledge to inform settlement decisions.

ensure data accuracy

Ensure Data Accuracy

Finance & Compliance teams can crosswalk 867 and paid chargeback claims to identify misclassified records and report data accuracy discrepancies to distributors.

identify missing returns

Identify Missing Returns

Finance & Compliance teams can prioritize discrepancies and validate missing returns against invoices.