Pharmacy Analytics

Unifying Payer and Channel Analytics to Maximize Pharmacy Rx Pull Through

Critical Data Gaps for Retail Pharmacy Investment
The growth in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), tiers, and copay differentials are driving up patient out-of-pocket costs, resulting in an increase in the number of prescriptions lost at the retail pharmacy. Realizing that the community pharmacist is an increasingly important influencer in getting and keeping patients on therapy, many pharmaceutical brand companies have launched initiatives in the retail channel to increase pull through of new prescriptions, enhance patient access to therapy, and promote adherence.

Despite this increased retail investment, abandonment remains flat. Brand and Trade teams simply have critical gaps in their retail data and tools to maximize pull through and ROI and improve the patient journey. For example, most manufacturers cannot answer these questions that deliver critical data and insights to significantly impact ROI of their pharmacy campaigns:

  • Do you know how competitive/dynamic formularies are in your therapeutic area?
  • How well can you target pharmacies with patient lives impacted by your formulary win?
  • Are you able to target stores with disadvantaged patient lives for co-pay card programs?
  • Can you identify your category’s high-volume pharmacies in geographies most impacted by policy restrictions to reduce the rate of Rx abandonment?
  • Do you have a process to distribute co-pay cards to the pharmacies with the largest number of high out of pocket patients?
  • Can you detect when pharmacists are making excessive use of the co-pay card?  

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For the first time, see the specific pharmacies where product is over- and under-performing alongside critical market share, payer, co-pay, and policy restriction insights.

Pharmacy Analytics: An Essential Information Asset for Targeting Retail Pull-Through Activities and Measuring Effectiveness

Over the past ten years, IntegriChain has led the industry’s efforts to analyze brand performance at the individual retail pharmacy. The IntegriChain Pharmacy enriched dataset illustrates which pharmacies are underperforming for a brand and which are important to a given category. Now, with new IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics, Brand and Trade teams can also understand the why’s—the underlying drivers—of retail pharmacy performance.

Enhance your Visibility into Your Pharmacy Campaigns

IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics super-boosts the insights delivered in IntegriChain Pharmacy enriched dataset, IntegriChain’s competitive market deciles, and critical patient access data assets by adding key patient journey insights, including:

  • Formulary data showing the mix of patient lives by payer within the area of each pharmacy and the brand’s advantage or disadvantage, prior authorization requirements, and other controls such as step edits
  • Claims data showing the number of prescriptions lost in the area of each pharmacy due to benefit inquiry rejections, prior authorization rejections, or other reasons
  • Claims and co-pay card redemption data showing the sources of payment either in the pharmacy’s area or the specific pharmacy itself

With IntegriChain Pharmacy Analytics, manufacturers can identify the specific pharmacies where a brand is performing or underperforming combined with the payer/plan, tier, out-of-pocket, and policy restriction context in the pharmacy’s surrounding patient population. This combination yields uniquely actionable insights that Brand, Trade, and Sales teams can turn into targeted, regionally-specific campaigns.

Pharmacy Analytics Benefits

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Accelerate Growth

Engage pharmacists on formulary wins to increase pull through at the pharmacies with impacted patient lives.

detect abuse

Reduce Abandonment

Develop effective education strategies and campaigns for pharmacists who see the most Rxs with policy restrictions to mitigate formulary losses and coverage gaps.

gain leverage

Protect Market Share

Identify which pharmacies fill the prescriptions for your existing patients along with each pharmacy’s rough payer mix to better protect your market share when a formulary loss occurs.

support audit

Optimize Marketing Spend

Ensure co-pay cards are distributed to pharmacies with high rejection/reversal rates and high patient out-of-pocket costs.

ensure data accuracy

Reduce Marketing Risk

Identify co-pay program misuse in the pharmacy and educate the responsible pharmacists on appropriate use.