Demand Visibility

100% Visibility to the Forward Channel

IntegriChain Demand Visibility provides an end-to-end view of product distribution starting with life sciences supplier sales on through distributor inventory, distributor sales, chain DC inventory, store inventory, returns, and POS demand. This product offers a core suite of functionality that includes data sets, aggregation, QA/QC, master data management, and access through business intelligence capabilities.

integrichain demand visibility

The Highest Quality Master Data Boosted by Power Tools and Analytics

The foundation of IntegriChain Demand Visibility is the highest quality customer master data in the industry, maintained by a team of experts, along with channel and class-of-trade designations to enhance visibility downstream. IntegriChain Demand Visibility’s analytic solutions provide even greater downstream visibility with enriched data sets and visibility into retail inventory levels. These tools offer instant, flexible access to channel data.

Insights into Channel Inventory and Segmentation

  • 24/7 visibility to downstream sell in, sell out, and inventory
  • Improve sales predictability and targeting
  • Manage EDI and enriched channel data on the IntegriChain Cloud
  • Control speculative buying
  • Understand changing demand dynamics over time
  • Access data across geographies, market segments, channels
  • Schedule and share large queries via SFTP, allowing a broader audience to view data and visualizations

IntegriChain Demand Visibility Manages All Channel Data

Demand Visibility Graphic

The IntegriChain Demand Visibility Platform

Data Inputs Data Management Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics
Suppliers Invoices Data Ingestion Queries Data Enrichment
Distributor Inventory Data QA/QC Best Practices Reports Deciling
Distributor Shipments Master Data Management Custom Dashboards Statistical Models
Purchase Orders
POS Sales & Inventory
Specialty Pharmacy APLD
Speciality Distributor
Third-Party Returns

Enriched Datasets Bolster the Power of IntegriChain Demand Visibility

In addition, life sciences manufacturers can bolt on enhanced data offerings for IntegriChain Demand Visibility:

  • IntegriChain National unblinds and reports 100% of distributor sales  broken out by parent and class of trade
  • IntegriChain Pharmacy reports retail pharmacy sell-in by individual location, ranking each pharmacy on its volume by product and category
  • IntegriChain Subnational reports pharmacy sell-in by location for all channels including non-retail pharmacies such as specialty pharmacy, long-term care, HMO pharmacies, and others
  • IntegriChain Inventory Retail reports 100% inventory in the retail channel even in stores and distribution centers that don’t report their inventories
  • IntegriChain Signals automates the search for problematic purchase orders and inefficiencies at trade partner locations, delivering on the value of channel data at a fraction of the cost of enterprise platform customization

IntegriChain Demand Visibility Benefits

lower channel data management costs

Lower the Cost of Managing Channel Data

Free up IT and business resources by managing channel data processing, QA/QC, and reporting in the cloud.

reduce product returns

Reduce Product Returns

Identify national accounts with high rates of product returns; monitor and verify that problem accounts are implementing agreed upon corrective steps.

unlock inventory capital

Unlock Capital Tied Up In Inventory

Manage down inventory in the channel by tying order management decisions to trade partner inventory and withdrawal trends.


Explain Channel Impacts on Quarterly Results

Quantify how retail channel inventories impact quarterly corporate sales results, improving investor clarity on the true direction of demand.

improve sales predictability

Improve Sales Predictability

Explain changes in distributor orders by reporting swings in chain and institution customer orders; identify trends that will impact next month/quarter performance.