Leaders in Healthcare Channel DataAggregation, Analytics, & Applications

IntegriChain channel data products and services improve the efficiency of how life sciences products reach patients.

With streamlined access to trade partner data reported through EDI and vendor portals, IntegriChain offers customer operations, national accounts, and finance teams a collaborative, agile, and mobile alternative to ERP and home-grown systems through its channel data aggregation, applications, and analytics. We unite your trade partner and ERP data in a single reporting and analytics environment, filling gaps in inventory and sales data and providing 100% visibility to the forward channel and offer advanced analytics and reporting to proactively address critical commercialization risks.

The Power of the IntegriChain Network Effect

The IntegriChain Cloud creates a network effect driving actionable intelligence

  • Cross-manufacturer benchmark insights
  • Market segmentation, deciles, and indices
  • Shared best practices, analytics, and insight paths

IntegriChain is the channel data system of record for life sciences manufacturers

  • Customers include all top-10 and 17 of the top-20 life sciences manufacturers
  • Data providers include 180+ leading wholesalers, chains, and specialty pharmacies
  • End-to-end visibility from your ERP– through the channel– to the consumer
  • $250+ billion of annual life sciences commerce
  • 175,000 SKUs growing 20% per year
  • 500,000+ stores and points of care
  • 9,000+ chain, health system and government buyers

We are the leaders in healthcare channel data aggregation, analytics, and applications, working to improve patient access to innovative life sciences products.

The IntegriChain Cloud Delivers Unsurpassed Data Availability and Security

IntegriChain offers 24×7 access to channel data and analytics from the desktop and mobile devices via a SOC-2 compliant cloud. IntegriChain has passed the most demanding security and reliability audits in the industry, meeting the service level requirements for Global 1000 leaders while preserving the cloud economics prized by smaller organizations. Our hybrid cloud encompasses both the  IntegriChain private cloud, which includes IntegriChain user networks and the IntegriChain data centers, along with public cloud services through Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivering scalability for serialization, item-level data, and predictive order analytics.

QA and Master Data Management

Quality Assurance and Master Data Management
Real-time quality checks for file arrival, transmission integrity, sequencing, mandatory fields, completeness, and duplicates to deliver the highest quality comprehensive master data available.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration
Integrates seamlessly with your ERP system and data warehouse including certified interfaces to systems such as SAP and Oracle.

High-Availability Architecture

High-Availability Architecture
Fully redundant production architecture with auto fail and load balancing across multiple hardened data centers.

SOC-2 Compliant

SOC-2 Compliant
Audited compliance with SOC-2 security and change management best practices.

Flexible Connectivity

Flexible Connectivity
AS2 and VAN connectivity to more than 500,000 points of care through the GXS and IBM commerce networks.