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Top 10 Reasons To Follow The DNA Blog

January 7, 2014   |   Brandon Underwood

10 Reasons to Follow the DNA Blog

Welcome to the new DNA blog! We know that launching and maintaining a successful blog requires a consistent stream of high quality, engaging material. With that firmly fixed as our goal, we have spent the past few months planning our editorial calendar and getting input across our organization in order to bring you the most valuable information and helpful resources related to the forward supply chain. We want the DNA blog to be a must read where you can count on the latest information on the topics important to you, like demand visibility, trade partner collaboration, channel investment, product availability, and forecast accuracy.

What can you expect from the DNA blog in the coming weeks and months? Well, we’ve put together a handy checklist of the top 10 types of content we know you’ll keep coming back for:

  1. Find out about new product information – The DNA blog will be one of the places we’ll feature new product functionality as it’s released. We will even include things like screenshots and short demo videos where appropriate. Most importantly, though, we’ll help you understand why these product capabilities matter in your job and how they’ll help you achieve your business objectives.
  2. Hear customer success stories – We are very proud of our loyal customer base. We know that their commitment to our products has been earned by listening to their business obstacles and developing solutions to overcome them. We look forward to sharing their success stories with you to help you understand the ways we address the demand network challenges of the forward supply chain and see how we might partner with you.
  3. Stay on top of industry news and trends – Keeping up with industry news and trends while making sense of it all can feel like a full-time job itself. You can count on the DNA blog to address the most current and pressing supply chain topics, especially those that relate to order management, trade partner collaboration, channel data, forecasting, product availability, and demand visibility.
  4. Get to know our subject matter experts – One of the things we pride ourselves on is the depth of bench. From ways to get greater return on channel data investment to order management best practices, we have a variety of subject matter experts in-house who will be contributing regularly to the blog. We look forward to introducing you to them.
  5. Engage with industry thought leaders – In addition to our own staff of experts, we’re really excited to present you with a variety of other thought leaders and industry professionals who will be guest blogging here. You won’t just be hearing from us on various supply chain and channel related topics. You’ll benefit from a wide array of viewpoints and the depth of experience that these outside authorities will be contributing here.
  6. Read our benchmark data – If you don’t know already, we love data. We love reporting on it, analyzing it, and, above all, we love using it to make informed decisions possible. Throughout the year we publish benchmark reports on things like product availability and retail inventory trends. Stay tuned for updated reports in March complete with analysis from some of those subject matter experts already mentioned.
  7. Enjoy our company culture – We’re very proud of our company culture and the hard-working men and women who have made us what we are today. And even though we sometimes have to work long hours or do things outside of our typical job description, we try to keep the atmosphere light and fun. From getting involved in community volunteer efforts to running ugly Christmas sweater contests, we look forward to sharing with all of you what it’s like to be part of the DNA family.
  8. Learn about the events we attend – Every year we attend a variety of trade shows, industry events, and conferences. We sometimes even present at them and get our customers to join us. We will always share in advance whenever we will be at a particular show and hope that, if you too are there, we can connect in person.
  9. Download new content – This coming year we have huge plans to build out the content available on our website. From brand new white papers and e-books to webinars, infographics, and videos, you can expect a lot of new assets that will continue to advance the conversation on topics like Daily Business Management, The Importance of Outside-In Order Management, and How to Maximize Your Distribution Investment.
  10. Think differently – Above all, we want to challenge our readership to think differently about the ways they currently handle the forward supply chain and channel data. We will continue to ask disruptive questions that don’t necessarily have easy answers, and we look forward to hearing your ideas in this ongoing dialog to bring you the best demand network analysis available.

If you have topics that you are interested in hearing more about, be sure to leave ideas in the comments and we’ll do our best to make it into an upcoming post.

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