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August 3, 2018   |   Sean McCarthy

3 Key Opportunities to Improve Specialty Patient Initiation

Sean McCarthy

There are several ways specialty brands can improve patient initiation by implementing data-driven patient support strategies. Successful interventions to streamline patient initiation have the potential to speed Time to First Fill and increase overall Fill Rate for new patient referrals. Each key opportunity to improve patient initiation is related to a friction point in the patient journey. In this post, IntegriChain Patient Access Segment Leader Sean McCarthy provides an overview of these key opportunities and the potential of analytics to unlock efficiencies for specialty brands.

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March 21, 2017   |   Brandon Underwood

Specialty Pharmacy Status/Sub-Status Analysis Highlights Inconsistencies in Data Quality

Brandon Underwood offers a sneak peek at IntegriChain's upcoming Specialty Analytics benchmark report. IntegriChain examined the quality and granularity of status/sub-status data across 40 specialty pharmacies representing different classes of trade (small independent, mid-sized payer, large PBM, etc.). The records we combed through included 15 specialty brands in five therapeutic categories: Immunology, Hematology, Virology, Oncology, and Pulmonary/Respiratory. Overall, IntegriChain and ProMetrics analyzed more than 657,000 sub-status records reported in Q4 2016. The brands we studied had comparable status/sub-status reporting requirements.

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May 14, 2015   |   Tisha Agarwal

Reality Check for Product Launch: How IntegriChain Can Add Value

There is significant work to be done pre-launch: from defining the market, creating a vision for the brand, identifying leverage points, prioritizing stakeholders, and segmenting the market to creating a value proposition for the brand, creating positioning, messaging, and a go-to-market model, and identifying metrics that will track whether the launch was successful. There is tremendous pressure to get it right and maximize the launch.

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April 29, 2014   |   Jason Bogroff

Guest Blog Post: Jason Bogroff of Blue Fin Group on Specialty Data

Jason Bogroff Blue Fin Group

The IntegriChain team will be attending the Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit & Expo next week in Las Vegas, NV. With specialty pharmacy at the forefront of our minds, we have asked Jason Bogroff, Principal Consultant at Blue Fin Group, to share with us his insights into specialty pharmacy, including emerging pharmacy models and implications of specialty data.

Jason is a sought after expert in translating technical complexity and ambiguity into innovative tactics and executable plans. He is recognized for his creative excellence in applying his combination of business and technical acumen to client needs that span the breadth of Healthcare commerce. Blue Fin Group clients have mined significant value as Jason applies his outstanding project management skills and deep methodology understanding across the areas of channel and customer operations, forecasting, planning and replenishment, channel data and analytics, enterprise technology, logistics and engineering, product and service design and development, and business process design and optimization.

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