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December 3, 2018

IntegriChain ICyte Fall Release Delivers the First Unified Life Sciences Access Data and Analytics Platform

Integration of Payer, Patient, and Distribution Data on a Single Platform Produces Access Insights to Improve the Patient Journey

Specialty Analytics Enhancements Help Pharma Access Stakeholders Save Patient Days of Therapy

Powerful New Financial Visibility and Reporting Increase GTN Transparency and Accuracy

Philadelphia, PA, December 3, 2018 – IntegriChain, a leading life sciences commercial data and analytics company that helps innovative bio/pharma manufacturers identify and remove barriers to patient therapy initiation and adherence, today announced its fall release of the ICyte Platform, uniquely integrating disparate payer, patient, and distribution data on a single insights platform. The fall release includes enhancements to IntegriChain Specialty Analytics, allowing specialty brand teams to overcome key challenges in patient access, improve the patient journey, and save patient days of therapy. The release also integrates IntegriChain Access Management into the ICyte Platform and offers powerful new payer financial visibility and reporting to increase the transparency and accuracy critical to gross-to-net (GTN) forecasting.

“Access stakeholders in the pharma industry need to see a clear picture of the patient journey and to be able to address any roadblocks – whether related to payers, patients, or distribution – that can help save patient days of therapy,” said Sunay Shah, IntegriChain Vice President of Product Management. “We are excited to share this fall release of the ICyte Platform that delivers the first and only single unified commercial platform for insight delivery to help patients start and stay on therapy. We believe that greater insight into commercial challenges – including better financial visibility and timely and accurate patient journey visibility – will enable brand teams to improve access to therapy.”

Specialty Analytics Fall Release
The fall release of Specialty Analytics addresses a key challenge for brand teams: the lack of standards for specialty patient status data that creates “noise” and denies brand teams the ability to remove access barriers to therapy and better allocate patient service resources. IntegriChain employs leading-edge data science to enhance the accuracy and clarity of patient status records with new patient status data cleansing and enrichment capabilities that ensure the data conforms to contract expectations, infer missing data elements, and identify missing status updates. The new release also delivers payer-channel master data, leveraging IntegriChain’s master data management expertise to align payer, distribution, and plan data across specialty pharmacy networks. Additionally, the release offers next-generation Specialty Pharmacy Scorecards, allowing brand teams to eliminate manual analysis and spreadsheet work and spend more time preparing for proactive rather than reactive specialty pharmacy quarterly business review discussions.

Access Management Fall Release
The Access Management fall release includes a powerful suite of payer financial visibility, integration, and reporting, integrated for the first time alongside patient and distribution data and analytics on the ICyte Platform. The new payer financial reporting offers transparency into the claims adjudication process and insights to optimize spend on access investments. IntegriChain’s new GTN Report integrates disparate datasets used for GTN calculations into a single, unified platform – providing insights into customer profitability. This report offers insights into year-over-year trends in rebate spending as well as an analysis of rebate distribution by channel: commercial, TRICARE, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D. In addition, IntegriChain launched a new Rebate Status Report, offering unmatched transparency to rebate status. This report delivers daily visibility to incoming rebate payments and outstanding liabilities, providing more precise basis for finance teams to make accrual calculations. Another new report is the Coverage Gap Discount Report, providing transparency into financial trends in Medicare Part D coverage gap and discount program.

Distribution and ICyte Usability Enhancements in the Fall Release
The fall release includes valuable enhancements to the ICyte Platform and Distribution Solutions designed to improve the user experience to drive speed to insight. IntegriChain has added a new data refresh panel offering access teams visibility into timeliness of each dataset to its Distribution Solutions. Usability innovations for Distribution Contract Management include a credit/debit memo interface, price appreciation override capability, list screen performance enhancements, and the ability to archive trade partner sets. In addition, the fall release provides new persistent filters for ICyte data-on-demand queries, reducing time and improving efficiencies by saving filter selections for future reporting. IntegriChain has also enhanced ICyte’s Builder, a business intelligence and visualization tool that allows power users to leverage the breadth of payer, patient, and distribution datasets in the ICyte Platform to create analytics custom to business needs such as GTN, primary care access, and specialty access reporting. With the new enhancements, power users can now import external datasets, customize visualizations through new building and editing capabilities, and share with stakeholders via the powerful new exporting and reporting tools.

About IntegriChain
IntegriChain is a life sciences commercial data and analytics company that helps innovative bio/pharma manufacturers identify and remove barriers to patient therapy initiation and adherence. Our mission is to help all stakeholders in pharmaceutical access save as many patient days of therapy as possible. The InteriChain ICyte Platform and solutions uniquely focus on access challenges after the patient and provider commit to therapy. More than 140 life science manufacturers rely on insights delivered from IntegriChain’s data, analytics, and managed services to drive strategic decision-making and on-going business management across their payers, specialty pharmacies, patient services, and distribution channel partners. IntegriChain is backed by Accel-KKR, a leading Silicon Valley technology private equity firm. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, and its Access Management Operations center is in Ambler, PA. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @IntegriChain and LinkedIn.

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