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Informed Applications: The Next Generation Beyond Analytics – Part Two

March 18, 2014   |   Kevin Leininger

Kevin E. Leinger IntegriChain CEO

Kevin Leininger is CEO at IntegriChain. He has spent the last 20 years building and launching software and services companies in the financial services, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries, and he is extremely passionate about the ways that data can transform business processes through the power of technology.

What Are Informed Applications
The pace of business is accelerating and companies are struggling to keep up with the need for more rapid decision-making and action taking to support it. The problem with legacy applications and analytics is that they are not built to support the vast majority of decisions that need to be made by an organization on a daily or weekly basis. Business progress is based on a series of tactical decisions that are made by people across an organization on a daily or weekly basis and far disconnected from the grand corporate strategy. Meanwhile more and more data is being provided by the business ecosystem that, if utilized correctly, can support these decisions. Informed Applications take data and then present it in a consumable way to the decision maker to support a business action. the data literally “informs” the application and, ultimately, the decision to be made.

An Informed Application Scenario
Today a typical customer service rep, upon receipt of an order might have to pull multiple reports in the forms of spreadsheets and compare and align them, then make a series of phone calls to downstream trading partners to gain insight into inventory and sales trends from the trade partner’s customers, go to other systems to gauge internal inventory and finally examine some other system for what the trade partner was expected to order. Only then can the rep take an action like approve, reject or modify the order.

After – With Informed Applications
If that rep were using an Informed Application, he or she would have all of the relevent information at their fingertips within one console. They would also have not only the requested order amount but a recommended order amount based on heuristics in the system informed by the underlying data and associated trends. Suddenly the process involved in monitoring, evaluating, and executing an order looks very different.

Why do Informed Applications Matter?
Ask any senior executive what is more important and yet what they struggle with the most. They will almost certainly tell you taking action across the organization. This is often because those making tactical decisions don’t have the benefit of the necessary data that is available to them somewhere in the organization. This must change and at IntegriChain we believe it will be driven by the adoption of Informed Applications across organizations.

With all the data you have in your company, do you still struggle to get the right insights that can empower your decision-making? Tell us about it in the comments.

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