A hearty thank you to all our customers and partners who joined us for our 7th Annual IntegriChain User Conference last week in Baltimore. It was a great week for us to spend more time with each of you, and we hope you found value in our benchmarking and best-practice presentations and especially in the new hands-on training and product feedback opportunities.

During the conference, we announced our new hybrid IntegriChain Cloud offering. We followed that up with today’s press release regarding the launch of the hybrid IntegriChain Cloud.  For this new offering, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have big plans to leverage the fastest growing cloud platform on the planet. The rate of growth and innovation in AWS is truly astonishing. I have been in the software business for 25 years and never seen anything quite like it.

By leveraging the capabilities of our private cloud along with the innovation and scale of AWS, we give our customers the best of both worlds.  We have seen a lot of change in the US healthcare channel in the past five years and believe that the rate of change is actually increasing.  New data sets that take data volumes and variety up dramatically are on the horizon.  These include data sets like serialized data, EMR/EHR, APLD, and others.  This is just the beginning of the data explosion in the US healthcare channel.  In addition to dramatic volume growth, the sheer number of data sets necessary to integrate and gain useful insight is also expanding dramatically.  With new structures in the US healthcare channel now the norm, it is critical that service providers like IntegriChain have an infrastructure that is nimble and scalable allowing for these new data sets and types to be added quickly and efficiently.  Without that, time to insight drops dramatically, and this is just unacceptable in the new, more agile US healthcare channel.

This announcement represents another step along our roadmap to build the most flexible and scalable US healthcare channel data platform in the world.  Stay tuned as more is coming.

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Kevin E. Leininger

Kevin E. Leininger

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Kevin serves as Executive Chairman of IntegriChain, leading the Board of Directors' oversight of the company. Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer for 16 years since co-founding the company in 2006. Under his leadership, IntegriChain grew to be a leading multinational enterprise that helps pharmaceutical manufacturers commercialize products, from strategy to operational execution.