IntegriChain-AKKRToday we announced an equity partnership with Accel-KKR (AKKR) that is very exciting both for IntegriChain and our customers. Both IntegriChain and AKKR share a singular vision to service underserved constituencies in the life sciences industry.

Life sciences companies are facing a rapidly evolving marketplace driven by changes across the entire healthcare ecosystem from providers to payers and distribution platforms. Navigating this requires life sciences companies to completely rethink the way they advance and support patient access. The days of primary care physicians and retail pharmacies serving branded, pill-based prescription products shipped once per week from wholesalers across the US are rapidly coming to a close.

The new model involves various specialty distribution entities and providers and a very different payer regimen that requires very different planning and execution from life sciences companies. The life sciences teams responsible for navigating this new environment are severely underserved from a perspective of data, analytics, and applications to drive the efficiency of how their products reach patients. A new paradigm is required to aggregate, analyze, and operate in this new world.

IntegriChain and AKKR share the vision to address these evolving and underserved needs of the life sciences industry, and our partnership opens up many more opportunities for us to grow our product and services portfolios around managed markets and the patient access more broadly. I think our customers are going to love this combination.

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Kevin E. Leininger

Kevin E. Leininger

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Kevin serves as Executive Chairman of IntegriChain, leading the Board of Directors' oversight of the company. Previously, he served as Chief Executive Officer for 16 years since co-founding the company in 2006. Under his leadership, IntegriChain grew to be a leading multinational enterprise that helps pharmaceutical manufacturers commercialize products, from strategy to operational execution.